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                    "Welcome to Critique Services"

            Serving St. Louis Metropolitan Area Since "1995"

Our standards are the foundation on which we build and deliver our Critique Services philosophy. These standards guide our actions during every client and associate interaction and help us achieve our guiding principles and commitment to our clients:

* Our Clients are the most important people in our business.

* Our Clients are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose  of our work.

* Our Clients deserve the most courteous and professional attention we can give them.

         ***Most importantly "We Are The People We Serve." ***

So that we may address our Clients specific needs, we don't make time for you, we schedule time for you.

Critique Services experienced attorneys and associates have worked in the trenches of bankruptcy law for over a decade and have intimate knowledge of the bankruptcy system. It is our goal to simplify a complicated process, one client at a time...

               "Professional Services at an Affordable Price"